First Class Club

First Class Club Rewards

Our strongest members deserve exclusive rewards!

The more involved we are, the more valuable we become ... the more prosperous we become.

The First Class Club rule is simple: if you have all six services listed below, you are truly participating in the Co-Operative spirit. Therefore, we invite you to choose a single reward each year.


  • Checking Account with Direct Deposit
  • Debit Card
  • Two eServices (eBranch, eMobile, COOP App, Card-Nav APP, eStatement, Zip24)
  • Auto Loan OR Mortgage Loan (one or the other, do not have to have both)
  • Visa Credit Card or Personal Line of Credit (one or the other, do not have to have both)
  • Savings Club with auto transfer/allotment per week/month

Rewards (choose one per year)

  • Discount on new loan rate — 0.25%
  • Up to $100 in fees refunded (per year, end of year)
  • Total Secure Checking monthly fees may be reimbursed in December before the end of the year
  • One year free coin-counting
  • $25 Visa Gift Card

Think you may belong? Want to know more? Feel free to check with any Account Manager to see what you need to qualify for the First Class Club! Secure Checking members — you may use the Fee Refund at the end of the year to get your $4.95 monthly fee back. Exclusively at Nova Credit Union.