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VISA Credit Card Conversion

VISA Credit Card Conversion

Nova Credit Union is excited to announce our partnership with a new credit card processor to provide enhanced features and better functionality. Your Low Rate and Low-to-NO fees has not changed!


New Features

  • Enhanced Fraud Protection — Whenever you use your card at a chip-activated terminal, the embedded chip generates a one-time use code. This code keeps your information secure while reducing fraud
  • Tap to Charge! Your new Visa credit card has an embedded near-field communication (NFC) chip, which can transmit your card's info wirelessly. Simply "tap and go." Look for the Tap Icon when making purchases! NFC symbol
  • 24/7 Member Service —– Call 1.800.865.0445 for balance inquiries, payment information, transaction history, statement requests or to dispute a charge.


Next Steps

There will be a few changes to your VISA card account:

  • New Card On Its Way — Your new VISA Rewards card will mail 09/03/2019. Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery.
  • Activate Your New Card —– Please activate your new VISA card on September 20 by calling 1.888.691.8661.
  • Remove Sticker — Upon activating your new VISA card, remove the activation sticker and sign your card immediately.
  • Select A PIN — If you plan to use your credit card at an ATM, you can select your PIN AFTER activation by calling 888.891.2435 (follow menu prompts.).
  • 24/7 Member Service — Call 1.800.865.0445 for balance inquiries, payment information, transaction history, statement requests or to dispute a charge.

Key Changes

  • You will receive a new plastic Visa card and it will have a NEW NUMBER.
  • If there is more than one (1) cardholder on the account, each cardholder will have their own card with their name on it but you will share the same card number.
  • Your credit card number, expiration date and CVV code will change.
  • If you have automatic payments made with your current credit card, make sure to contact each vendor with your new updated credit card number to help avoid any interruption in your service. Your credit card NUMBER, EXPIRATION DATE & CVV has changed!
  • Any automatic payments drafted by the CU or set up in EZ Card will not continue after the conversion. Please set up your automatic payments through the new card site: NovaCU.MyCard.Info. If you need assistance call us at 800-865-0445 ext. 400.
  • If you mail in your payments be sure to use the new payment address: Nova Credit Union, PO Box 37035, Boone, IA 50037-0035
  • If you reported your card lost or stolen between 08/27/2019 and 09/10/2019, you will receive your replacement card no later September 19, 2019.

New Nova CU Rewards® Program

Your new Rewards program is called Nova CU Rewards®. The new Nova CU Rewards® will allow you to redeem points on your credit card purchases to use toward shopping, travel, event tickets, gift cards and more. Some important information about the transition of the rewards program:

  • SCORECARD REWARDS PROGRAM® points will no longer be earned after September 19, 2019.
  • You may start earning points with your new credit card starting when you receive and activate your new Nova CU Credit Card.
  • Redeem your existing SCORECARD REWARDS® points up to 09/19/2019.
  • Any points earned in the SCORECARD REWARDS PROGRAM® will be transferred to the new Nova CU Rewards® program.

Additional information

  • All points that are transferred from SCORECARD REWARDS® to Nova CU Rewards® will be shown on your Nova CU Rewards® account.
  • To register your card or to monitor and redeem your Nova CU Rewards® points, open eBranch and click on the Credit Card tab OR go to NovaCU.MyCard.Info.
  • You can also visit the Nova CU Rewards® website to check out the rewards!

View your VISA account information online

  • Sign into your eBranch account (mobile APP or browser) and click/tap on the “Credit Card tab at the top.
  • Go to NovaCU.MyCard.Info.