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In these uncertain times, one thing remains steadfast. Nova wants to help you and your family. Ask any Nova Account Manager to review your finances, assist with your budget, and see if we can help you save money.

Do everything from the comfort & safety of your home!

For your safety & protection we've streamlined our processes and you can handle your finances with Nova CU from home! We are doing business as usual but through our eBranch, Call Center, email, Drive-thru Lanes, Appointments and Mail — all for your safety. For more details go to our Coronavirus page!

Refinance Your Car Loan

If your current car loan is at another lender's let us review it and see if we can refinance it into a lower rate & payment. If you refinance a minimum of $10,000 — you could earn an immediate cash thank you of $100.

Refinance your Mortgage

Mortgage rates are lower than ever. Let Nova's mortgage loan officers talk to you about your banks mortgage and get you into a better loan with Nova.

Refinance your Home Equity

Now is the time to pay off outstanding bills, make home improvements, while rates are low. Nova can refinance your Home Equity at another lenders OR provide you one for your current home.

COVID 19 Emergency Response Loans

Nova has 2 COVID 19 Emergency Response Loans. Let us help you get through these tumultuous times.

Nova CU Visa Credit Cards

If you are still paying off high-interest retail store "charge cards" or credit cards you can easily transfer those balances online to your new low fixed-rate Visa Credit Card. And there's no balance transfer fee! Contact us to apply or to ask how to transfer your balances!

Contact Us

We are here for you. Our Call Center is open 24/7 nights, weekends and holidays. Just call your local branch number or 800.865.0445. Or email us through the form on the Contact Us page.