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Credit Cards

VISA Credit Cards

Access your VISA online

We provide choices for our members. We have Nova Classic Visa Cards or Visa Secured Credit Cards for members trying to improve their credit score. Whichever one you need, Nova CU can provide.

Big Banks are always looking for more fee income so watch out for:

  • Sudden Rate Increases
  • Changes in your Due Dates
  • "New" add-on Fees

If this makes you want to pull your hair out, we can help. Look at the table below for our VISA Credit Card interest rates and fees (or lack there-of). Nova CU has always been the clear choice for smart consumers.

Call us at any branch location or 800-865-0445 to get pre-approved — to apply for a loan you may call us anytime including nights, weekends or holidays or go apply for a VISA Credit Card online.

Contact an Account Manager today to transfer your current bank credit card balances to a Nova CU VISA Credit Card!

Nova CU VISA Credit Cards and Fees
VISA ClassicVISA Classic (2)VISA Classic (3)VISA Classic (4)
Annual Percentage Rate (APR)9.90% APR10.90% APR14.90% APR17.90% APR
Penalty APRNone
Grace Period for Purchases25 Days
Method of Computing Balance for PurchasesAverage Daily Balance
Annual FeesNone
Minimum Finance ChargeNone
Late Payment FeeNone
Balance Transfer FeeNone
Over the Limit FeeNone

The information about the costs of the cards described above is accurate as of September 2019. This information may have changed after that date. To verify any information or get your questions answered please contact the credit union.

Card Services

If you need to contact Card Services, please email or dial your local branch number or 800.865.0445 ext. 400.