Credit Building

Credit Score Analysis

Need help decoding your credit report? We can assist! Let our Credit Score Analysts evaluate your credit report and partner with you on a clear plan to increase your credit score, lower your monthly payments and save you money! Credit Score Analysis — only for Nova CU Members!

Your Personal Nova CU Credit Score Analyst will explain:

  • What makes up your credit score
  • What may hurt your credit score
  • What you can do to raise your credit score

CSA or Credit Score Analysis is offered exclusively through Nova CU. You must be a Nova CU member to get a free CSA.

Steps to Stellar Credit

Teen members may use Steps to Stellar Credit, an easily followed plan that will enable you to build yourself a positive credit history. By following the step-by-step program, you will be able to sign for a loan — without mom or dad signing with you. You'll also be able to create a positive credit history and an excellent credit score BEFORE you graduate from college!

Part 1

  • Save monthly until you reach $500 in your Nova CU savings account
  • Apply for a Secured $500 loan using your savings account as collateral as soon as you turn 18
  • Deposit the $500 loan proceeds (cash) in your savings account

Part 2

  • Set up automatic monthly payments from your savings account using the $500 cash from the secured loan you just made!
  • Pay off $500 loan in ONE YEAR
  • Now you have a history of making loan payments on time, paying off a loan quickly (at very little cost to you), resulting in a positive credit score!

Call or email an Account Manager today to start you on the Steps to Stellar Credit program!