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Nova CU's eBranch gives you control of your financial life. View your finances online anytime, day or night, from home, work, or on the road.

New Member? Contact us to register. You will be personally contacted by an Account Manager to set up your eBranch online enrollment.

Once you are set-up, would you like a mobile eBranch app for your phone? Just go to on your phone's browser, click on Mobile Banking and look under the eBranch login to download the app for your phone. Or, search for Nova Credit Union mobile eBranch in the app store.

What do you need to access eBranch?

  • Personal computer and Internet connection (home or work)
  • Secure browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer)
  • Smart Phone? We have an app for that too!

What can you do with free eBranch?

  • View savings, checking, and loan balances
  • View account transactions
  • View processed checks online
  • View, download, or print your monthly statement
  • Transfer funds among accounts
  • Schedule future transfers and recurring transfers
  • Re-order checks — you may also re-order checks online
  • Receive notifications
  • Change your address
  • Stop payment on non-cashed (paper) checks
  • Note: Mobile Deposit is only available on your Smart Phone


  • Name your Nova CU accounts! (for example: Joe's College Account) by clicking on Options then Accounts
  • Easy download to spreadsheets, word processing, Microsoft Money, etc!
  • Choose how much information is shown on your screen
  • Email alerts, re-order checks, and send us a secure message anytime!

Additional Security Features

The first time you attempt to sign-on you will need to choose a watermark image. It is also possible that new security questions may be asked for as an additional layer of security.

eBranch Mobile App

New — finger-scan technology and quick balance view

If you have a cell phone with fingerprint-scan technology, just update your current eBranch app and securely sign-on to your account information using your fingerprint! Additionally, you may choose an account for Quick View so that you don't have to open the app to find your checking or savings balance. Just go to your app store and search for Nova CU Mobile Branch to get the update.

We've got an app for that!

Got a Smart Phone? Just go to on your phone — click on Mobile Banking and look under the eBranch login to download the Nova CU Mobile App for your phone. Or search for Nova CU mobile eBranch in the app store.

Use eBranch mobile to make a deposit! All part of our array of mobile services!

Resetting your eBranch Online Banking Password on your Smart Phone

  1. Go to on your Smart Phone Browser (this cannot be completed on the app)
  2. Enter your login ID and submit
  3. Enter your temporary password and submit
  4. Re-enter your temporary password in the "Enter Current Password" field
  5. Create a new password using the password guidelines to the right
  6. Re-enter your new password and submit
  7. Go back to eBranch APP and sign in!

Helpful Hints to use Browser on Smart Phone


  1. Go to
  2. CLICK the 3 vertical dots to the right of the web address line
  3. SELECT "Desktop site"
  4. TAP EBRANCH and proceed with login.


  1. Go to
  2. HOLD the Refresh button
  3. Key Select -Request Desktop Site
  4. Tap (select) EBRANCH and proceed with login.

iPhone Users: If you've upgraded to IOS 13 replace step #2 above with: Tap the "aA" icon in the top-left corner of the screen to reveal the Website View menu.


eBranch Mobile Deposit is now available inside your eBranch app on your smart phone as part of our array of mobile services.

Use our free eBranch Deposit feature on your Smart Phone through eBranch.

  • TAP — mobile deposit inside your eBranch app
  • SNAP — pictures of the front and back of your check (be sure to sign it, print your account number and write For Mobile Deposit)
  • DONE — now you've deposited your check into your Nova CU account
  • GO! — you ain't got time to waste!

Need the eBranch app for your Smart Phone? Search for Nova CU mobile eBranch in the app store on your phone.

eBill Pay

Are you paying your bills at each individual service provider's website? If so, you have to keep up with several website addresses, user names, and passwords — one for the electric bill, another for the phone bill, one for the mortgage, and the list goes on!

Nova CU's eBill Pay allows you to pay ALL of your bills from one secure location with the click of a mouse. You can set up eBill Pay reminders via text alerts or email, and it tells you how much you paid each service provider in previous months.

To use eBill Pay you must have a Nova Credit Union checking account and be signed up for our online banking, eBranch. Once you are in eBranch, click on the eBill pay tab and check out the demo and registration!

If you need to register for eBranch, please contact an Account Manager.


Go green! Save trees and time! Sign up for eStatements!

Benefits of eStatements (online monthly or quarterly statements):

  • Safe and secure! Your account statements are hosted inside your eBranch.
  • Easy access! Your statements are stored for up to 12 months. Check images are available too!
  • Save time! Your statement should be available for your review around the third business day of the month.
  • Instant Notification! You will receive an email notifying you when your statements are available for viewing.

Signing up for free eStatements is simple:

  • Sign into eBranch
  • Click on gray tab for eStatements (at top)
  • Follow the instructions to sign up for free eStatements.
  • Questions? Just email us!


Now you have the ability to manage all of your credit union accounts from one app. Sprig® by CO-OP delivers P2P (Person to Person) payment capabilities and loan payments between credit unions. Need to transfer money to a fellow credit union member? You can do that through Sprig® just by using their cell phone number! No need to share account numbers or personal financial account information. Sprig® by CO-OP is available both as a mobile app and online at

Please write "Mobile Deposit" or "Sprig Mobile Deposit" on checks deposited through the Sprig Mobile App.

Effective July 1, 2018, all checks deposited through our Sprig mobile app must have the words "Mobile Deposit" or "Sprig Mobile Deposit" included as part of the endorsement on the back. This is now required as part of a new regulatory provision (Reg CC).