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We are Nova

Introducing Nova Credit Union

Monday, April 10th we opened our doors as Nova Credit Union.

Our commitment to trust, reliability, and communication is rooted in our origins in the Postal Service. Our dedication to serving both our Postal and Community members remains the same.

Although our name, logo and look has changed you won't have to do a thing:

  • Your Member and Account Numbers stay the same
  • Keep using your current CPCU Debit Card
  • Keep using your current CPCU Checks
  • Keep signing onto eBranch and Mobile as you always have.
  • Phone Numbers and Locations stay the same.

Brighter futures together!

The Nova CU Branding Process

Name Change FAQ

What do I have to do?
Not a thing — keep using your CPCU debit card, Visa Card and checks with CPCU on them. As your cards expire we'll re-issue you a new Nova CU Debit Card to use. When you need to re-order checks, you'll get the new Nova CU Checks.
Do I have to learn a new member number?
Absolutely NOT! All member and account numbers stay the same.
Are you no longer a Postal Credit Union?
We are still Postal Strong! ALL USPS employees in the state of NC and Metro area can join! Their family and household members can join also, just like before. Members of NAPS, NALC, APWU and other organizations remain eligible to join.
Were you 'bought out'? Did another Credit Union buy you?
Absolutely not. We merged a number of smaller credit unions into our family over the years and through those mergers we gained the ability for anyone in a 50 mile radius to join. The more members we have, the stronger we are, and the more services we'll be able to provide you.
Are your fees going to go up now? Will it cost more to have my account there?
We are a not-for-profit credit union — that means fees are decided by operating costs and not by how much profit we can make. Banks are for-profit.
Why did you change the name?
With the ability to have more neighbors and friends join we needed a fresh new look and name to make it easier to get our message out.
How do I contact you?
The same as always — phone numbers are the same — our email addresses will change but we'll still receive emails addressed to old email addresses for a while. We have a new website: but the old website address will redirect to the new one.